sunsetA Brief History of Norfolk, Virginia

The history of Norfolk got its start with the arrival of one of the earliest Englishmen to settle in the area, a man named Adam Thoroughgood. He had risen to a position of prominence and it is generally believed that two counties, North Norfolk and South Norfolk, as well as the town of Norfolk, were named by Thoroughgood, the name being in honor of his birthplace in England.

The Founding of Norfolk

The town was founded by the British in 1682 when Virginia was still a British colony. The original name of Norfolk was ‘The Towne of Norfolk County.’  Norfolk is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘northern people’ as opposed to Suffolk which means ‘southern people.’ There is also a Suffolk in Virginia, which of course was also settled by the British. Norfolk and the surrounding area, known as Hampton Roads was not only the first place in what is now Virginia to be settled by the British, but was the first place in America to be settled by the British as well. Prior to Norfolk’s founding, the immediate area was already being used by the British as a port, and warehouses were being built to store merchandise.

The town originally was 50 acres in size, but given its favorable and somewhat strategic location on Chesapeake Bay it grew steadily. At the time of the American Revolution, Norfolk had over 6,000 residents. Today the number is approaching 250,000.
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Paying A Visit to the City of Norfolk

The charming Chesapeake Bay waterfront City of Norfolk, located in the heart of coastal Virginia between Newport News and the popular Virginia Beach tourist area, is intersected by two primary interstate highways, I-264 and I-64. The center of the city is also within shouting distance of Interstate 664.


The Largest Naval Station in the World

Norfolk is home to Naval Station Norfolk, which owns the title of being the world’s largest naval station, home to 75 naval vessels and 134 naval aircraft. Naval Station Norfolk is also home to one of the famed WW II battleships, the USS Wisconsin. Naval Station Norfolk acts as the logistics hub for naval operations in the Caribbean and in the European and Central Command theaters of operations. Nearby is Nauticus, Norfolk’s sailing center from where you can set sail on Chesapeake Bay or travel up the Elizabeth River.

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After always having to lead tours for other people for such a long time, I will finally have another chance at having one myself. Not that I am complaining about my job, as I really do love leading tours and everything about it, it’s just that when I do have the chance of going to other places then I go nuts, literally and figuratively.

I still do not have any particular place in mind but I have started thinking about a couple of places which I do like to visit. The romantic in me is thinking about London or Paris, probably Hawaii or Aruba. If things do not work out too well then probably some South American countries would be just fine.

I would have liked to visit some of the world heritage sites that are in Asia particularly the one in the Philippines. I think it is called the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park located in Palawan, one of the country’s several virgin places still not ruined by commercialism. I saw it online and it’s totally pristine waters and caves all throughout.

I always imagined myself jumping from the tour boat and making a tour all by my lonesome. I’ll just swim back to shore once I got my fill of exploring the place. But that wouldn’t be fair to the nice people doing the tours as they might get a heart attack upon learning they lost one of their patrons, so maybe I will not do it. But I still could not resist the temptation of doing just that. We’ll see.

But first things first, I still do not have the right gears to bring with me on my travels. If my vacation started tomorrow then I’m done for. The suitcases I have are so old already that I have jitters picking them up at the conveyor in the airport. Some smile at me when I get my bags, probably thinking it was owned by some dainty old lady and not me of all people.

So I better get started on my search for the best lightweight luggage that is both chic and nice looking, and of course not too hard on the budget as money is better spent on the traveling part and not on the implements, but then again I might be wrong. I’ll make sure I get one with wheels or a trolley as I would very much hate carrying a full luggage around with me, much better for the body to just pull it.

I also would be searching for the best travel tripod that is both lightweight and not too bulky to fit on my bags. The last one I got was lanky and jutted out of my carry-on luggage. Well it can’t really be folded enough for my tastes so scratch that thing.

Books? Nah, I probably won’t need them as I will get pretty much busy just absorbing all the new things around me. New people to meet and new places to see are enough to get me worked up. Well, I better make a list then as I wouldn’t want to forget anything. Times like these come very seldom so I better make the most out of it.

Do you want to know of the best way to relax your body after a grueling day at work? How about the best de-stressor for your troubled minds that is available in the market today? Well it’s really nothing else but yoga and it really does exactly what it was supposed to do as advertised and apparently much more.

Well I should know as I have been a practitioner for several years now and it really does wonders both to the body and especially to the mind. It enables me to face whatever obstacles are in front of me and make me impervious to stress amidst the crazy hustle and bustle of daily living.

It eases my mind and makes me conscious about everything, making me see things the way they really are thus making it easier solving any problems and never ever have to worry about anything. I know it sounds a little bit unbelievable but it is true. It shows you your part in everything in the universe and imparts you the right tools for anything which you would encounter when living in it.

Doing yoga also made me lithe and strong in the body that things that I cannot do before when I didn’t practice doing yoga I can do now. But the real benefit you can get from yoga has got something to do with the way you think. I cannot really stop driving this point home with regards to yoga. It really adjusts your mind to clearly look at what things really are besides the physical manifestations of it.

No I am not selling anything that has yoga in it, far from it, in fact I’m on the market for the best yoga DVD out there to add to my collection, as one cannot get enough of a really good thing. I am just telling you about what you can get from it if you decide to dive in. It is really better for you having me to test it first before you do it on your own, less experimentation on your part.

It will be hard at first when you do yoga as you really don’t know anything about it besides what you read on magazines and have watched on TV or seen on the internet. Your body will ache from all the bending and stretching that is involved in yoga. You will have a hard time following the breathing techniques and postures that will be introduced to you but your sacrifice will be all worth it.

In time you will see the value of your training and you will see and feel the benefits it brings to your body. Your mind will also feel at ease and you will feel thoroughly rested, like a little kid sleeping on the best pack n play yard soft mattress ever.

You will experience less down times and sickness as it is the mind that handles it all. Take good care of the mind and the body will follow suite. Believe me you’ll thank me for it if you decide to take the plunge into yoga. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We are always at the mercy of the whims of our body and its processes, that it is tested to be often futile and hopeless to resist its urges. When your body tells you that you have to go then you really have to go, end of conversation, as if there was really one to begin with.

This sort of thing happens to me every time during my tours. If it is not a child who must go to the toilet, it is the old woman who has difficulty containing her urges that has to. It is good that we often stop at establishments who have comfort rooms and such, but it becomes a problem during the long stretches of time during the tour, when we are between stopping. Although I make it a point to remind them to go get themselves relieved before I start the tour, situations still happen.

At one time I had a client who was clearly an expecting mother by the looks of her belly, become suddenly agitated and almost ashen in the face because of a problem that I would be soon acquainted with. I approached her sensing that she really needed help and was eventually received by a sheepish smile. She whispered she had diarrhea and that she is almost close to exploding. I almost laughed at what I heard. Good thing the mother in me prevailed and had the driver swerve at the nearest restaurant or gas station he could find posthaste.

diarrhea during pregnancy

Diarrhea during pregnancy, although common and not an emergency situation, is no laughing matter, as any sickness acquired by a pregnant woman always deserves utmost attention. Diarrhea is an illness that is usually caused by something outside of the body, be it contaminated food, water, medicine we take or even a procedure that is performed to us can cause it. Diarrhea, although a major inconvenience, is not bad actually. It is ultimately the body’s response to remove these foreign annoyances, causing the bowels of the body to work hard to eventually expel them out of the system.

Many other kinds of unexpected situations always seem to crop up when I am touring, that I already have a medicine cabinet for all the basic maladies that our clients seem to have. We pride ourselves with readiness and of taking the utmost care of our tour customers that, if you manage to look very closely, you may very well see that we are almost a sort of rolling clinic with all the medicines that we carry. Be it a migraine, an upset stomach or dizziness and nausea from traveling, as many people seem to experience that, we do have medicines for those. I even have Pedia-Lax for toddler constipation, as it is always the case for young ones to eat very much during tours.

So whatever ravages of nature you might experience during the course of sight-seeing, be rest assured that I am prepared for almost all the basic ones. For emergency cases, we already have a set plan in place for those kinds of situations, usually advance knowledge of first aid, and the shortest direct route to the nearest hospital. We do all of these things so that you can enjoy your tours without worrying too much about anything, calls of nature included.

Our dog of many years has recently passed away and has gone to dog heaven. Jingo, a Golden Labrador Retriever had been with us for quite a long time now, probably about seven years or so, and had been an integral part of our family’s daily living. We love Jingo very much and we treat him as a member of our family in everything that we do, we always keep it a point to always include him. He was a special dog.

Seven years is a lot of time for a human, more so to a dog, whose age in years is usually multiplied to seven to get their true age. That means Jingo was only forty nine human years old, still quite young, kind of like middle aged and has quite a lot of living ahead of him, but unfortunately it was not to be. It’s sort of funny that you just tend to realize all those years that had passed, seem to go by like a blur when someone leaves, and how you’ve wished to have spent more time with him, if it could ever be possible. It is true the saying, that regret is often found at the end, more so here with Jingo.

Even his friend Reba, another dog of ours which is a Bichon Poodle, a breed particular to the various kinds of poodle mixes, seem to have been very much affected by Jingo’s passing. She has not eaten the past day and we are getting worried by the way she has been acting lately. She has been feeling kind of lost, never figuring out what to do, and looked listless walking around the house as if searching for something. We tried our best to at least cheer her up, play with her and even serve her favorite food which was bacon, but our efforts seemed futile at best.

They form an inseparable pair the two of them, always doing dog things they are won’t to do, ever together especially in mischief. They eat from the same bowl even if they have separate ones and they sleep on the same cot, which is kind of a curious thing because of the large size difference between them, and if you ever call either one of them, both of them would come, always to my surprise. That’s how close they were to each other.

I’m dreading the thought that I will eventually be losing both of them, and at the rate things are going, it seems that it is the case. But how on earth am I going to ease Reba’s broken heart caused by the passing of her friend. It’s useless to talk to her as I don’t particularly know their language and stuff, but I did try it. Maybe this was their way of grieving and it may eventually pass with time, but I am not very confident of that. Or maybe it is really me that is feeling this way and is just projecting myself on Reba. Maybe I’ll just sleep with Reba tonight and see what tomorrow might bring. Hopefully the pain would be gone by then.

Pregnancy is not always as sure a thing as we all come to believe. The joining of man and woman in intercourse do not always typically end in pregnancy, even if it was the primary aim of the activity in the first place. Many factors need to be present and all variables must coincide with each other for pregnancy to occur, but even then it might still be unsure.

On the other hand, pregnancies sometimes happen unexpectedly to some people. Oftentimes they do not know they are pregnant, up until the time the baby is about to be delivered, to their great shock that is. Sometimes they do everything in their power to deny pregnancy, but to no avail. Pregnancy thus, is a very fickle thing.

But based on my experiences through the years, with family, friends and acquaintances, I have observed a set of important guidelines, wherein if one has all or most of it, then the probability of one being pregnant might be seen easily and correctly predicted. So what are these guidelines that I am talking about?

You missed your period

This is by far the most common thing among all pregnancies. If you happen to have missed your period for a month or two, although there are still many causes of missed periods, chances are very high that pregnancy is already on the way for you. You might wonder and ask yourself “how many weeks am I” during this stage, probably still not believing you are pregnant, and want to know when the deed actually happened. Well, there is this thing on the internet called the Implantation Calculator. In it you will enter such details as when was your last period, of how long it was, and other data, after which you will be shown a date that your implantation was supposed to have been done, and from then you might get a clearer idea on how and when it really happened.

You are experiencing morning sickness

This is yet another classic sign of pregnancy. These things usually happen during the early hours of the morning and not so much during the day. You might think of what may have caused it, but don’t really find out anything. You just felt nauseated all of a sudden and have the strong desire to vomit from out of nowhere, and whatever medications you take for it doesn’t seem to work at all. These things usually take place about a month into your pregnancy and you better be prepared for it.

You experience several changes in your body

I’m talking about food aversions, mood swings, frequent urination, swollen breasts, and fatigue amongst other things. These things are all tell-tale signs of pregnancy, wherein if you are experiencing most, if not all of them, then pregnancy really is in store for you.

But the one thing that beats them all in telling you, if you really are pregnant or not, is your belly. If your belly is gradually increasing in size, barring other illness or disease, then you are really pregnant without a doubt. Congratulations!

I often come across people, who want to take up hedgehogs as pets, but do not have enough information and are reluctant to take the risk without knowing all the ins and outs. There are many shops in Norfolk that sell hedgehogs and also have hedgehog cages, but not everyone is comfortable making the decision to buy a pet on the spot – especially when they do not have any information. I used to have a pet hedgehog for 3 years so I decided to share my knowledge in this article, to help those who need information.

Hedgehogs as pets are great animals because they are relatively low maintenance and if you take care of their basic needs – keep them well fed and in a clean environment – they stay healthy and are full of life. One of the best things about hedgehogs is that they are not noisy at all. They are very active and move around a lot, but they do not make noise so you won’t get any complaints from your neighbours – a problem people face when they get a dog or a cat. Hedgehogs as pets are also a great option if you suffer from allergies because they do not have dander. Hedgehogs are very cute animals and they are cuddly, but you have to be wary of the fact that they can be prickly so be careful when handling them, especially for the first few weeks.

When you get hedgehogs as pets, you need to know one important thing; the cage you get for it needs to be properly ventilated and cleaned at least once a week. There are many hedgehog cages that have wire-frames and a plastic or light steel pan. This ensures that the hedgehog gets plenty of space air and light and it helps keep him healthy. However, you have to make sure that you clean the cage at least once a week since hedgehogs don’t give off a smell like mice and guinea pigs, people often forget to clean the cage.

One other thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for hedgehog cages is that these little fellows like to explore and they need plenty of space to do it. So if possible, buy a larger cage so that he can roam about and exercise in the cage. Also, there should be proper place for his water and feeding bowl so that the hedgehog can easily find it and eat when hungry. Hedgehogs need a warm, comfortable environment, so when you buy a hedgehog, make sure that you have created a comfortable environment for it. They also need some time to get acclimatized to their new environment so don’t be alarmed if your hedgehog appears fussy or scared. Just remember that hedgehogs are really afraid of you so you need to be patient and handle them with all the care in the world. In a couple of days, your hedgehog will get used to his surroundings and you will have a great pet.

My mom has long been the pillar of strength in our family ever since I can remember. She has always been there for us through thick and thin, happiness and sadness, and almost anything in between. It is amazing to think that a small lady like herself managed to raise all five of us siblings, never complaining a bit through the years of hard work and toil, and never expecting anything in return. She is an excellent definition of what a mother is supposed to be and more.

But now that she is old, and the ravages of time had inflicted itself on her, it is already time for us, her children, to show her our thanks for all the countless times that she has slaved for us. Nothing is too much or too hard if it is for my mom, and I love my mom very much, that I would do anything under the sun for her.

She recently paid us a visit to spend the holidays with me and the family, and stayed with us for almost a month. It was happy times indeed as we get to spend many days with her company, reliving old times and also reveling in the new. We got to be updated on what she is up to nowadays and we were also kept up to speed on her various projects which kept changing according to her whims. It was nice to know that she is into crocheting and exercise, although vaguely related and on distant worlds from each other, but still we are happy that she is always keeping busy and finds all sorts of things to fill her time. Besides, these times she should spend on what she really wants as she truly deserves it.

The only thing we are worried about with regards to her well-being and her health, are her hips, which is under anterior hip precautions, because of a pre-existing condition brought about by an accident she suffered years ago. She was bumped on the side by a kid on a speeding bicycle on her way to the grocery. I have always felt guilty about her accident, because it was my cake the she was getting and it happened, of all the days, during my birthday. She had bumps and bruises all over because of her fall and had to be rushed to the hospital because of her inability to stand up on her own.

She was diagnosed with a partially torn Iliolumbar Ligament and had to be placed on hip supports for almost two months because of it. And although she is fully healed now, she still sometimes complains about hip flexor pain and rigidity on the area specially when the weather is cold, and has supplemental pain medicines for it.

Anyways, let’s leave all the worrying for later as I am about to call her again to see what she has been up to lately. She probably had given up on crocheting as she really doesn’t like detailed things, and she particularly said that it bores her to sleep doing it. Maybe I’ll invite her again to visit sometime soon, hopefully not only for a month or a year, but for good. How I wish she’d agree.

It is general knowledge that pimples usually only occur during adolescence and the teen years, and naturally taper off after that and is almost non-existent during old age. The reason behind that is that during those particular times, raging hormones and abrupt bodily changes are very prevalent, which of course are also the driving forces for these pimples and other teenage things to come out in the open and broadcast to the world that yes, I am already coming of age and stuff. That is why I am currently in a quandary, that at my age, a recent bout of pimples on my back seems to have manifested itself contrary to its purported scheduling, which according to my estimate, should have already passed decades ago.

The supposed pimples on my back are of the guerilla variety, wherein they are not really out in the open and instead they are pimples under the skin. They just stay there like painful bumps beneath the skin and they do really hurt, that even the slightest touch of anything, even my dress, would drive me a little bit crazy. Maybe it is better with the pain, as it may mean the early ripening of the bugger, and just maybe it will rear its ugly head by then so I can treat them somehow.

It gets worse when I sleep, as I need to be particularly careful not to lie on them, eventually making me invent new sleeping positions never yet discovered by modern science. It also is very hard to treat them with their choice position near the area between my shoulder blades. I’m beginning to think that they are sentient life forms knowing where to safely place themselves to avoid treatment. But I also don’t want to just scratch in there randomly, as I am won’t to do in the past, as I have already learned my lesson with regards to popping pimples.

I used to always pop pimples when I was young as they were sort of very addicting to do. Once a pimple’s head surfaces, I never wasted time in popping it with varying results. Sometimes blood oozes out and sometimes icky yellow stuff, but still I kept doing it. It all stopped one time I popped a relatively mean looking pimple, it was kind of hard and I thought it was already ripe when it actually wasn’t. What resulted was a skin tear on my left cheek so grossly looking that I didn’t go out for three weeks because of it. I still carry that scar today and you can clearly see it on my profile pic. Anyway, I eventually learned how not to deal with them because of that episode and if a pimple were to appear after that, I generally just leave them alone for fear of the consequences.

I hope these new ones at my back will just go away on their own as I am at a loss on how to handle them. But I wish it would be sometime soon as it is very hard having them. A friend told me that hot compresses works wonders on them, maybe I’ll try that.

Guiding tours here in Norfolk for different people is not only a daytime job for me, it is a passion. Probably because I like what I do, not only because it pays me well, and although it does not hurt to be able to afford things, I am very much enjoying myself with the job.

Getting to meet different kinds of people with different backgrounds and different views of life makes my work very interesting to say the least. There are local people and also people from other states who are either here for work, or just enjoying their vacation. I sometimes also get to meet people from other countries, who are very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit this great country of ours, and I always make it a point to entertain them more thoroughly, for them to fully enjoy their visit here.

There are some genuinely interested people on every tour and you can very well see them from the pack, always asking questions and eager to see where we would go next. There are also the people who are just around passing the time, maybe they were just forced to join or some other reason they are here, feeling bored, I usually just let them be as I know they already have enough trouble on their hands. I am also lucky and thankful that I have not encountered trouble makers or hooligans on my tours, as I wouldn’t know exactly how I would handle them.

I have encountered many different things during each one of my tours, some pleasant and some not so, some so unexpected that you would not believe it ever happened, and also some things that touches the heart and makes you feel that what you do is appreciated. I remember during one tour a few years back, a young couple approached me asking if I know of any pregnancy announcement ideas they could use, this is where I got a couple of tips from I was kind of shocked about it, that of all people to ask, they asked me, their tour guide. After my initial reaction passed, we did manage to think one out and it involved a postcard-like picture of the couple with USS Kennedy as backdrop, with the caption “The three of us enjoying Norfolk”. I was happier than they were when they said they would eventually use it, and up to now we still keep in touch and have become good friends.

And then there was this baby who was suffering from newborn hiccups during the course of a tour last week. The mother was visibly agitated and was at a loss on what she is going to do with her baby, so during a brief break in the tour, I discreetly approached her and told her to put the baby on his back and gently pat between the baby’s shoulder blades and see if it relieves the hiccups. It is common knowledge for experienced mothers that hiccups is caused when the baby either swallowed too much air or is full from feeding, and that the way to relieve it, is by letting the baby burp, thereby releasing the excess air in the baby’s system. The baby slept peacefully after the procedure, and the mother got to enjoy the remainder of the tour.

I got so many more stories to tell with regards to things that happened during my tours, and all of them have become part of who I am today. I am very thankful for each and every one of them, and I know there will be many more of those to come. I truly love this job.

There is nothing much worse than an aching tooth, and nothing in this world would compare to the agony it brings to the one who is unlucky enough to have it. Unfortunately, I am that person, as my tooth has been aching badly since yesterday. I do not really remember how I got this thing, but it started after I ate hard candy yesterday.

Ever since I was a child and as far back as I can remember, I have been in love with candies. Eating candies are a passion of mine as I like the taste of anything sweet, and from all the candies I eat, I particularly am fond of hard candies, especially the big round ones that comes in different colors. In fact I have a drawer full of them at home and is my go-to place when my sweet tooth beckons.

I also inspected all of my teeth yesterday when it began to hurt, particularly on the area that I suspected is the cause of the pain. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and they all seem to be relatively clean and free from cavities. That got me a little worried, as that would mean that the pain is coming from somewhere inside one of my teeth, which also can mean that it will be very hard to treat. Procedures for these kinds of problems, according to a close friend of mine, usually involves either the installation of fillings, root canals, and may even lead to tooth extractions.

I wanted to immediately go to a dentist yesterday when the pain began, but I have a little problem with it that made me eventually not go. You see I’m deathly afraid of dentists, their wicked whirring drills and their metallic syringes. I think it would take two full tour buses to drag me into a dentist clinic, and it was that way since I was young. I still remembered crying all the time when my mother had me put up with tooth fillings and stuff, but I really don’t know why I’m afraid of them. Maybe it is the thought of somebody sticking a scary looking metal syringe inside your mouth and you not seeing, but feeling, what they are doing. Maybe it was the time the doctor injected anesthesia right into the middle of my tooth that scarred me for life. Maybe it was something else, but I really, really don’t want myself anywhere near dentists.

Maybe what I am feeling is eventually gum pain and not tooth pain, and was most probably caused by me biting hard on the candy, which unfortunately resulted in my tooth being pushed hard against the gum that caused it. Maybe it will be gone on its own if I just ignored it. I can’t really think straight as my head is throbbing from the pain. It’s already on its second day now and even the Tylenol that I took for tooth pain relief never seems to have worked.

I know I really must go to a dentist if I ever wanted this pain to stop. So I need to choose between my pain and my fear, which is a very hard choice if you asked me, as it is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. If it continues to hurt until tonight, maybe tomorrow I will finally go visit a dentist and get this over with.

Being a tour guide is a very fulfilling job, but what I find hard with this job is all the walking and standing up that is always required of me. But I really have to stand up to be good in this job, as who would have liked a tour guide who is always sitting down on a chair and is just speaking to a microphone and such. Doing so makes you look impersonal and people might feel as if you do not like what you are doing, and is only obligated to do it.

I do cherish the talking part and the interaction with different kinds of people, but the stress of always being in the standing position really is getting the best of my body. This afternoon was no different and in fact it was much worse than usual. It was very hot and humid during the tour and the fluctuating air conditioners were of no help either, as they would sometimes stop working all of a sudden, necessitating another arduous stop over to fix it.

And on top of all that, I kind of felt a little pain on my side after one such stop over. I know it was some kind of liver pain as it was the only logical organ that was located where the pain is coming from, so I generalized that it really must be it that is causing the pain. I have felt this pain once before, I think it was last year that I consulted a doctor about it and was told that it was my fatty liver that is causing the pain.

According to the doctor, my condition was known as Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD), which is a form of fatty liver disease that is attributed to excess alcohol consumption. Besides the excess alcohol consumption, it may also be caused by Hepatitis C, excess Iron, obesity, diet and hereditary implications. I know I am not alcoholic and also do not suffer from some of what the causes suggest, all I know is that I like to eat rich kinds of foods, particularly steaks and anything with butter in them, I think that was what the “diet” in the causes meant. The doctor then advised me to consult with a dietician with regards to the improvement of the way, and of what, I eat and that was that. I never felt the pain again, that is, up until now. It’s amazing how two greasy burgers with a large side of fries tend to relive the memories of sickness past.

Another thing I am experiencing more of lately is the pain on top of foot. It is generally localized on the base of the bone of my right big toe and I am thinking that it is a form of gout. It’s definitely not arthritis as I am too young for that, and I also think it has also something to do again with my diet. Gout, according to several publications that I have read, stems from excess uric acid in the body forming crystal like structures, which are then deposited into joints, particularly in the big toes of the foot, and that uric acid is developed in the body mainly from eating particularly rich foods. Geez, I really must change what I eat, as it is really beginning to affect my health.

A Shelter is a Great Place for Adopting a Dog

During my walkabout tours, I find that many people love their dogs.  On one tour, this gentleman, Bob, brought his dog, a husky pomeranian mix, along the entire trip.  He would carry his dog on the arms most of the time.  These dogs are so cute and lovable.  He works for a shelter and here is what I learned from having lunch with him a couple of weeks back.

There’s a true story about adopting a dog that says a lot about knowing if you’re choosing the right animal. A man who was interested in acquiring a dog for a pet visited a shelter. There were several dogs he liked, including one medium sized one that seemed a bit shy and appeared to be a bit on the old side, but was still a nice looking dog. He was about to look further when the shelter worker suggested he take the dog for a walk, as a sort of a ‘test drive’.

He took the dog for a 5-minute walk. Nothing out of the ordinary happened except as he turned to go back to the kennel the dog, who had been walking nicely at his side, moved closer and began to press slightly against his leg. The dog continued to press slightly against the man all the way back the kennel. It must have been the dog’s way of saying he would make a faithful and loyal companion. In any event the man took the dog home with him.

If you visit a shelter, which is a wonderful place to find a pet, a worker may suggest you take an animal you’re interested in for a walk, or you could always ask. Most dog lovers recommend that approach. It can be hard to judge an animals temperament if it has been in a cage for some time. Dogs that are locked away often become shy or frustrated. A few become aggressive, largely because they are afraid. A good first tip in adopting a dog is to take time to get to know the animal. A short walk can help to do this.


Adopting From a Shelter Often Results in a Win-Win Situation

A good tip, alluded to but not specifically mentioned up to this point, is to visit a shelter or rescue if you’re looking for a dog. While a shelter may be overloaded at times, those who work there aren’t usually in the habit of getting rid of an animal at any cost. They invariably want to find good homes for their animals, and it’s not unusual for them to turn down someone who they feel may not provide an animal such a home. Some of the dogs you will see in a shelter may be in cages, but they usually receive the best possible treatment in terms of food and shelter, and even exercise, plus most of them usually get a medical check-up, followed by treatment if necessary.


Looks Count, But Not Always for All That Much

Another tip – don’t go by looks alone when selecting your next pet. Looks are fine if you are looking for a specific breed, but aside from that it’s usually size, temperament, and energy that counts. The noted dog trainer Cesar Millan places a great deal of emphasis on selecting a pet whose energy level matches your own. Above all, you don’t want to take home an animal you can’t control, or one that makes taking for a walk a supreme challenge. Neither do you want an animal you have to carry home after the two of you have already walked a mile.

It’s not only about walks. All dogs need some exercise, but some need a lot of exercise and they need exercise just about every day. A medium or large dog that is full of energy isn’t suitable for apartment living unless you intend to go running or jogging every day. A medium to large fenced in yard will suffice for most pets.


Consider the Type of Category if It is Possible to do So

You can’t always tell what type of dog a mutt will be, but dogs fall into four general categories. There are working dogs, sporting dogs, non-sporting dogs, herding dogs, toy dogs, hounds, and terriers. The latter simply refused to be categorized since they prefer to do their own thing, which is chasing down rodents and vermin. Try to select a type that either fits in with your own lifestyle, or you’ll be comfortable with. Doing a little research on different types and breeds ahead of time can be a great help in making a good selection.


Don’t Let Sad Eyes Be the Deciding Factor

One final tip about adopting a dog from a shelter is to leave your emotions at home. One of the hardest things about bringing a dog home from a shelter can be that of leaving all of the other dogs behind. It’s natural to want to adopt more than one of them, or all of them. Stick to a single dog unless there happens to be a matching pair you know you have room for and can handle. If there are two dogs who have grown up together you may be doing them both a favor if you are able to take them both. What you don’t want to do is let you emotions take over and select a dog or dogs you feel most sorry for. It won’t necessarily be the best choice.

right bruised kneeHow To Heal A Bruise

Unexplained bruising can cause a lot of pain for many people that experience the condition. Since I am a senior personal tour guide, I know that bruising can occur.

Some people, especially if they have trouble walking, may fall or hit something. They might not even realize that they have done so. Since this can happen a lot, they may find that they have a bruise that they didn’t realize they received. When they are out on vacations, they may be in more of hurry to see as many things as they can, and they might inadvertently bump into something that they didn’t plan to. This can happen to people that are older or younger, and they need to make sure that they take their time when they are out and about.

When it does occur, many people become scared about what to do. They shouldn’t worry too much because they should make sure that they massage the affected area lightly. Once they do this, the blood will start to circulate throughout the area again. They should make sure that there is not immense pain when they do this. If there is, there may be a broken bone. If there is, they will need to get to the doctor’s office or an emergency room as soon as they can.

They can also put some soft lotion on the bruise as they are massaging it to make the skin smooth around the affected area. If they are worried about how it looks to others, they can put on some foundation to cover up the bruise.

If the bruise is on the legs, they should make sure that they stay elevated so they are above the heart. This will allow the blood to drain from the bruised area and will help it to heal faster.

A bruised area should also be treated gently without much activity. As it heals, a person will be able to move about as they normally do. When it is healing, they should try to take it easy so that it doesn’t become agitated.

Many people like to wrap a bruised area on their body to keep it warm. The warmth will help it to feel better. When they first bruise it, putting ice on it can help to keep the swelling down. They may also want to keep an ice pack on it for a couple of days until they see it fading.