Well Hello There! I’m Chelsea Baker. I am born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. My job profession is a personal tour guide in Norfolk. I know everything there is to know about Norfolk as I have been here all my life! I always love hanging out at the beach and swimming. Since I have been here all my life, I wanted to share and show tourists the many wonderful places and things to do at Norfolk. How did I become a personal tour guide you ask? One day, I was hanging out at the beach. I met an old couple who wanted to know places to go and things to do at Norfolk. That is when I discovered that I really enjoy showing people around and sharing the good places to go with them. I started leading a small tour group for a few months and slowly, I started to bring bigger groups of people on tours around Norfolk. I would lead two tours every weekend that would last for around 4 hours. At the end of every tour, I always get people coming up to me and thanking me for showing them around. They are always amazed at how many wonderful things and places to go around Norfolk. This blog here can also show you places that I have brought tourists. If you are interested, feel free to check out my blog!