I often come across people, who want to take up hedgehogs as pets, but do not have enough information and are reluctant to take the risk without knowing all the ins and outs. There are many shops in Norfolk that sell hedgehogs and also have hedgehog cages, but not everyone is comfortable making the decision to buy a pet on the spot – especially when they do not have any information. I used to have a pet hedgehog for 3 years so I decided to share my knowledge in this article, to help those who need information.

Hedgehogs as pets are great animals because they are relatively low maintenance and if you take care of their basic needs – keep them well fed and in a clean environment – they stay healthy and are full of life. One of the best things about hedgehogs is that they are not noisy at all. They are very active and move around a lot, but they do not make noise so you won’t get any complaints from your neighbours – a problem people face when they get a dog or a cat. Hedgehogs as pets are also a great option if you suffer from allergies because they do not have dander. Hedgehogs are very cute animals and they are cuddly, but you have to be wary of the fact that they can be prickly so be careful when handling them, especially for the first few weeks.

When you get hedgehogs as pets, you need to know one important thing; the cage you get for it needs to be properly ventilated and cleaned at least once a week. There are many hedgehog cages that have wire-frames and a plastic or light steel pan. This ensures that the hedgehog gets plenty of space air and light and it helps keep him healthy. However, you have to make sure that you clean the cage at least once a week since hedgehogs don’t give off a smell like mice and guinea pigs, people often forget to clean the cage.

One other thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for hedgehog cages is that these little fellows like to explore and they need plenty of space to do it. So if possible, buy a larger cage so that he can roam about and exercise in the cage. Also, there should be proper place for his water and feeding bowl so that the hedgehog can easily find it and eat when hungry. Hedgehogs need a warm, comfortable environment, so when you buy a hedgehog, make sure that you have created a comfortable environment for it. They also need some time to get acclimatized to their new environment so don’t be alarmed if your hedgehog appears fussy or scared. Just remember that hedgehogs are really afraid of you so you need to be patient and handle them with all the care in the world. In a couple of days, your hedgehog will get used to his surroundings and you will have a great pet.

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