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A Brief History of Norfolk, Virginia The history of Norfolk got its start with the arrival of one of the earliest Englishmen to settle in the area, a man named Adam Thoroughgood. He had risen to a position of prominence and it is generally believed that two counties, North Norfolk and South Norfolk, as well […]

City of Norfolk

December 24th, 2013

Paying A Visit to the City of Norfolk The charming Chesapeake Bay waterfront City of Norfolk, located in the heart of coastal Virginia between Newport News and the popular Virginia Beach tourist area, is intersected by two primary interstate highways, I-264 and I-64. The center of the city is also within shouting distance of Interstate […]

It’s My Turn

March 2nd, 2015

After always having to lead tours for other people for such a long time, I will finally have another chance at having one myself. Not that I am complaining about my job, as I really do love leading tours and everything about it, it’s just that when I do have the chance of going to […]

On Doing Yoga

January 11th, 2015

Do you want to know of the best way to relax your body after a grueling day at work? How about the best de-stressor for your troubled minds that is available in the market today? Well it’s really nothing else but yoga and it really does exactly what it was supposed to do as advertised […]

We are always at the mercy of the whims of our body and its processes, that it is tested to be often futile and hopeless to resist its urges. When your body tells you that you have to go then you really have to go, end of conversation, as if there was really one to […]

Our dog of many years has recently passed away and has gone to dog heaven. Jingo, a Golden Labrador Retriever had been with us for quite a long time now, probably about seven years or so, and had been an integral part of our family’s daily living. We love Jingo very much and we treat […]

Pregnancy is not always as sure a thing as we all come to believe. The joining of man and woman in intercourse do not always typically end in pregnancy, even if it was the primary aim of the activity in the first place. Many factors need to be present and all variables must coincide with […]

I often come across people, who want to take up hedgehogs as pets, but do not have enough information and are reluctant to take the risk without knowing all the ins and outs. There are many shops in Norfolk that sell hedgehogs and also have hedgehog cages, but not everyone is comfortable making the decision […]

Missing My Mom

June 5th, 2014

My mom has long been the pillar of strength in our family ever since I can remember. She has always been there for us through thick and thin, happiness and sadness, and almost anything in between. It is amazing to think that a small lady like herself managed to raise all five of us siblings, […]

Trouble with Pimples

June 2nd, 2014

It is general knowledge that pimples usually only occur during adolescence and the teen years, and naturally taper off after that and is almost non-existent during old age. The reason behind that is that during those particular times, raging hormones and abrupt bodily changes are very prevalent, which of course are also the driving forces […]

A Very Fulfilling Job

May 23rd, 2014

Guiding tours here in Norfolk for different people is not only a daytime job for me, it is a passion. Probably because I like what I do, not only because it pays me well, and although it does not hurt to be able to afford things, I am very much enjoying myself with the job. […]

There is nothing much worse than an aching tooth, and nothing in this world would compare to the agony it brings to the one who is unlucky enough to have it. Unfortunately, I am that person, as my tooth has been aching badly since yesterday. I do not really remember how I got this thing, […]

Being a tour guide is a very fulfilling job, but what I find hard with this job is all the walking and standing up that is always required of me. But I really have to stand up to be good in this job, as who would have liked a tour guide who is always sitting […]

A Shelter is a Great Place for Adopting a Dog During my walkabout tours, I find that many people love their dogs.  On one tour, this gentleman, Bob, brought his dog, a husky pomeranian mix, along the entire trip.  He would carry his dog on the arms most of the time.  These dogs are so […]

How To Heal A Bruise

January 10th, 2014

How To Heal A Bruise Unexplained bruising can cause a lot of pain for many people that experience the condition. Since I am a senior personal tour guide, I know that bruising can occur. Some people, especially if they have trouble walking, may fall or hit something. They might not even realize that they have […]