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When you are a young mother who has had her first child, there is a lot you need to learn and this process has to occur slowly over a period of time. Most mothers learn by experience but it is always nice to have someone who has done all this before and can give you […]

Memories in a Box

March 22nd, 2014

I found myself covered in a thick cake of dust and sweating profusely, digging into a cornucopia of paper, stacked boxes, and thingamajigs. I was dog tired. That was my predicament last week, when I was rummaging through stacks of magazines and newspapers in our storage room, boxes upon boxes of them. There was a […]

A few months ago, one of my neighbors visited me, looking visibly upset. When I asked Leslie what the problem was she told me she had just come back from a visit to her doctor. Lately, she had been experiencing some breathing problems and was hoping they would go away on their own. After months […]

I used to have a dog in my childhood and loved taking care of it. It was an adorable Teacup Pomeranian pup and I loved looking after him, taking him for long walks and playing with him all the time. If you have ever owned a dog or, more specifically, a Teacup Pomeranian, you must […]

Being a tour guide in Norfolk, Virginia, I meet a lot of new people on a daily basis and often I get to talk to them a lot as the tour progresses and they ask me questions about the area. Many people have no idea what an amazing place Norfolk is and when they get […]

Getting a tattoo nowadays is a very easy procedure. With the seeming proliferation of tattoo shops in every city and all places imaginable, one only has to search a little bit and he will eventually locate one that is suitable to whatever taste he has. Tattoos today are already becoming a common occurrence, very unlike […]

I was diagnosed with moderate Neutropenia when I returned from a trip to Italy a year ago with my husband and the wound I had sustained after a fall there had become swollen, red and irritable. I always had body aches but I never paid much attention to it as I attributed this to the […]