Being a tour guide is a very fulfilling job, but what I find hard with this job is all the walking and standing up that is always required of me. But I really have to stand up to be good in this job, as who would have liked a tour guide who is always sitting down on a chair and is just speaking to a microphone and such. Doing so makes you look impersonal and people might feel as if you do not like what you are doing, and is only obligated to do it.

I do cherish the talking part and the interaction with different kinds of people, but the stress of always being in the standing position really is getting the best of my body. This afternoon was no different and in fact it was much worse than usual. It was very hot and humid during the tour and the fluctuating air conditioners were of no help either, as they would sometimes stop working all of a sudden, necessitating another arduous stop over to fix it.

And on top of all that, I kind of felt a little pain on my side after one such stop over. I know it was some kind of liver pain as it was the only logical organ that was located where the pain is coming from, so I generalized that it really must be it that is causing the pain. I have felt this pain once before, I think it was last year that I consulted a doctor about it and was told that it was my fatty liver that is causing the pain.

According to the doctor, my condition was known as Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD), which is a form of fatty liver disease that is attributed to excess alcohol consumption. Besides the excess alcohol consumption, it may also be caused by Hepatitis C, excess Iron, obesity, diet and hereditary implications. I know I am not alcoholic and also do not suffer from some of what the causes suggest, all I know is that I like to eat rich kinds of foods, particularly steaks and anything with butter in them, I think that was what the “diet” in the causes meant. The doctor then advised me to consult with a dietician with regards to the improvement of the way, and of what, I eat and that was that. I never felt the pain again, that is, up until now. It’s amazing how two greasy burgers with a large side of fries tend to relive the memories of sickness past.

Another thing I am experiencing more of lately is the pain on top of foot. It is generally localized on the base of the bone of my right big toe and I am thinking that it is a form of gout. It’s definitely not arthritis as I am too young for that, and I also think it has also something to do again with my diet. Gout, according to several publications that I have read, stems from excess uric acid in the body forming crystal like structures, which are then deposited into joints, particularly in the big toes of the foot, and that uric acid is developed in the body mainly from eating particularly rich foods. Geez, I really must change what I eat, as it is really beginning to affect my health.

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