We are always at the mercy of the whims of our body and its processes, that it is tested to be often futile and hopeless to resist its urges. When your body tells you that you have to go then you really have to go, end of conversation, as if there was really one to begin with.

This sort of thing happens to me every time during my tours. If it is not a child who must go to the toilet, it is the old woman who has difficulty containing her urges that has to. It is good that we often stop at establishments who have comfort rooms and such, but it becomes a problem during the long stretches of time during the tour, when we are between stopping. Although I make it a point to remind them to go get themselves relieved before I start the tour, situations still happen.

At one time I had a client who was clearly an expecting mother by the looks of her belly, become suddenly agitated and almost ashen in the face because of a problem that I would be soon acquainted with. I approached her sensing that she really needed help and was eventually received by a sheepish smile. She whispered she had diarrhea and that she is almost close to exploding. I almost laughed at what I heard. Good thing the mother in me prevailed and had the driver swerve at the nearest restaurant or gas station he could find posthaste.

diarrhea during pregnancy

Diarrhea during pregnancy, although common and not an emergency situation, is no laughing matter, as any sickness acquired by a pregnant woman always deserves utmost attention. Diarrhea is an illness that is usually caused by something outside of the body, be it contaminated food, water, medicine we take or even a procedure that is performed to us can cause it. Diarrhea, although a major inconvenience, is not bad actually. It is ultimately the body’s response to remove these foreign annoyances, causing the bowels of the body to work hard to eventually expel them out of the system.

Many other kinds of unexpected situations always seem to crop up when I am touring, that I already have a medicine cabinet for all the basic maladies that our clients seem to have. We pride ourselves with readiness and of taking the utmost care of our tour customers that, if you manage to look very closely, you may very well see that we are almost a sort of rolling clinic with all the medicines that we carry. Be it a migraine, an upset stomach or dizziness and nausea from traveling, as many people seem to experience that, we do have medicines for those. I even have Pedia-Lax for toddler constipation, as it is always the case for young ones to eat very much during tours.

So whatever ravages of nature you might experience during the course of sight-seeing, be rest assured that I am prepared for almost all the basic ones. For emergency cases, we already have a set plan in place for those kinds of situations, usually advance knowledge of first aid, and the shortest direct route to the nearest hospital. We do all of these things so that you can enjoy your tours without worrying too much about anything, calls of nature included.

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