Our dog of many years has recently passed away and has gone to dog heaven. Jingo, a Golden Labrador Retriever had been with us for quite a long time now, probably about seven years or so, and had been an integral part of our family’s daily living. We love Jingo very much and we treat him as a member of our family in everything that we do, we always keep it a point to always include him. He was a special dog.

Seven years is a lot of time for a human, more so to a dog, whose age in years is usually multiplied to seven to get their true age. That means Jingo was only forty nine human years old, still quite young, kind of like middle aged and has quite a lot of living ahead of him, but unfortunately it was not to be. It’s sort of funny that you just tend to realize all those years that had passed, seem to go by like a blur when someone leaves, and how you’ve wished to have spent more time with him, if it could ever be possible. It is true the saying, that regret is often found at the end, more so here with Jingo.

Even his friend Reba, another dog of ours which is a Bichon Poodle, a breed particular to the various kinds of poodle mixes, seem to have been very much affected by Jingo’s passing. She has not eaten the past day and we are getting worried by the way she has been acting lately. She has been feeling kind of lost, never figuring out what to do, and looked listless walking around the house as if searching for something. We tried our best to at least cheer her up, play with her and even serve her favorite food which was bacon, but our efforts seemed futile at best.

They form an inseparable pair the two of them, always doing dog things they are won’t to do, ever together especially in mischief. They eat from the same bowl even if they have separate ones and they sleep on the same cot, which is kind of a curious thing because of the large size difference between them, and if you ever call either one of them, both of them would come, always to my surprise. That’s how close they were to each other.

I’m dreading the thought that I will eventually be losing both of them, and at the rate things are going, it seems that it is the case. But how on earth am I going to ease Reba’s broken heart caused by the passing of her friend. It’s useless to talk to her as I don’t particularly know their language and stuff, but I did try it. Maybe this was their way of grieving and it may eventually pass with time, but I am not very confident of that. Or maybe it is really me that is feeling this way and is just projecting myself on Reba. Maybe I’ll just sleep with Reba tonight and see what tomorrow might bring. Hopefully the pain would be gone by then.

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