right bruised kneeHow To Heal A Bruise

Unexplained bruising can cause a lot of pain for many people that experience the condition. Since I am a senior personal tour guide, I know that bruising can occur.

Some people, especially if they have trouble walking, may fall or hit something. They might not even realize that they have done so. Since this can happen a lot, they may find that they have a bruise that they didn’t realize they received. When they are out on vacations, they may be in more of hurry to see as many things as they can, and they might inadvertently bump into something that they didn’t plan to. This can happen to people that are older or younger, and they need to make sure that they take their time when they are out and about.

When it does occur, many people become scared about what to do. They shouldn’t worry too much because they should make sure that they massage the affected area lightly. Once they do this, the blood will start to circulate throughout the area again. They should make sure that there is not immense pain when they do this. If there is, there may be a broken bone. If there is, they will need to get to the doctor’s office or an emergency room as soon as they can.

They can also put some soft lotion on the bruise as they are massaging it to make the skin smooth around the affected area. If they are worried about how it looks to others, they can put on some foundation to cover up the bruise.

If the bruise is on the legs, they should make sure that they stay elevated so they are above the heart. This will allow the blood to drain from the bruised area and will help it to heal faster.

A bruised area should also be treated gently without much activity. As it heals, a person will be able to move about as they normally do. When it is healing, they should try to take it easy so that it doesn’t become agitated.

Many people like to wrap a bruised area on their body to keep it warm. The warmth will help it to feel better. When they first bruise it, putting ice on it can help to keep the swelling down. They may also want to keep an ice pack on it for a couple of days until they see it fading.

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