After always having to lead tours for other people for such a long time, I will finally have another chance at having one myself. Not that I am complaining about my job, as I really do love leading tours and everything about it, it’s just that when I do have the chance of going to other places then I go nuts, literally and figuratively.

I still do not have any particular place in mind but I have started thinking about a couple of places which I do like to visit. The romantic in me is thinking about London or Paris, probably Hawaii or Aruba. If things do not work out too well then probably some South American countries would be just fine.

I would have liked to visit some of the world heritage sites that are in Asia particularly the one in the Philippines. I think it is called the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park located in Palawan, one of the country’s several virgin places still not ruined by commercialism. I saw it online and it’s totally pristine waters and caves all throughout.

I always imagined myself jumping from the tour boat and making a tour all by my lonesome. I’ll just swim back to shore once I got my fill of exploring the place. But that wouldn’t be fair to the nice people doing the tours as they might get a heart attack upon learning they lost one of their patrons, so maybe I will not do it. But I still could not resist the temptation of doing just that. We’ll see.

But first things first, I still do not have the right gears to bring with me on my travels. If my vacation started tomorrow then I’m done for. The suitcases I have are so old already that I have jitters picking them up at the conveyor in the airport. Some smile at me when I get my bags, probably thinking it was owned by some dainty old lady and not me of all people.

So I better get started on my search for the best lightweight luggage that is both chic and nice looking, and of course not too hard on the budget as money is better spent on the traveling part and not on the implements, but then again I might be wrong. I’ll make sure I get one with wheels or a trolley as I would very much hate carrying a full luggage around with me, much better for the body to just pull it.

I also would be searching for the best travel tripod that is both lightweight and not too bulky to fit on my bags. The last one I got was lanky and jutted out of my carry-on luggage. Well it can’t really be folded enough for my tastes so scratch that thing.

Books? Nah, I probably won’t need them as I will get pretty much busy just absorbing all the new things around me. New people to meet and new places to see are enough to get me worked up. Well, I better make a list then as I wouldn’t want to forget anything. Times like these come very seldom so I better make the most out of it.

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