boxes of stuffI found myself covered in a thick cake of dust and sweating profusely, digging into a cornucopia of paper, stacked boxes, and thingamajigs. I was dog tired. That was my predicament last week, when I was rummaging through stacks of magazines and newspapers in our storage room, boxes upon boxes of them. There was a recent drive by the leaders in the community for cleaner living amongst us villagers. It was discussed and suggested in the meeting, that it will be good for us, if we are to follow the guidelines for recycling. So with the greater aim of helping save the environment, there I was, ever the good citizen, looking for items that will go towards recycling. It took me a whole afternoon of drudgery doing the thing, but I finished with a smile on my face.

You see, I found a box of my grandchildren’s stuff, buried among the boxes of paper and other items in the room. It was new compared to the other stuffs there, as it was just last year that it was used, during the time they paid us a visit to spend their vacation. Toys, puzzles, crayons, books, paper airplanes that we made and other kiddy things, but the ones that I took a long time looking on was the coloring pages. Sloppily done with colors past their borders, a grinning red colored sun, the purple rain that soaked a running pink dog, everything was off, but all were done with love.

We printed them one afternoon as they caught me fiddling with my computer. It was a lazy afternoon and there was nothing better to do, so I gave in to their whims. My Little Pony coloring pages were the favorite of my youngest grandchild, she liked horses, and dinosaurs were for the boy a year ahead of her. I couldn’t stop but remember how they liked to color them, even forgetting their afternoon cartoons for a chance to color something, even a table or a wall, come to think of it. And especially when each one of them would say, “i love you gramps”, as I give them a fresh batch of printed coloring pages.

After finishing the work I’ve started, and eventually cleaning the area and myself, I went to the internet hoping to catch if any of my grandchildren were online. I’m going to tell them what I found in the basement and basically just to catch a glimpse or even hear them a little. But sadly, after an hour of waiting, no grandchildren were sight. Maybe they are out playing or are in school. I’ll just try again later or tomorrow after I deliver these stuffs to the recycling center.  In the meanwhile, maybe I’m just going to print some of these new pages that I saw like the “Disney’s Frozen” coloring pages, I think they’re going to love them. So that next time they come and visit, I’ll be prepared.  How I miss those adorable kids. And how I wish they would come and visit again soon.

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