My mom has long been the pillar of strength in our family ever since I can remember. She has always been there for us through thick and thin, happiness and sadness, and almost anything in between. It is amazing to think that a small lady like herself managed to raise all five of us siblings, never complaining a bit through the years of hard work and toil, and never expecting anything in return. She is an excellent definition of what a mother is supposed to be and more.

But now that she is old, and the ravages of time had inflicted itself on her, it is already time for us, her children, to show her our thanks for all the countless times that she has slaved for us. Nothing is too much or too hard if it is for my mom, and I love my mom very much, that I would do anything under the sun for her.

She recently paid us a visit to spend the holidays with me and the family, and stayed with us for almost a month. It was happy times indeed as we get to spend many days with her company, reliving old times and also reveling in the new. We got to be updated on what she is up to nowadays and we were also kept up to speed on her various projects which kept changing according to her whims. It was nice to know that she is into crocheting and exercise, although vaguely related and on distant worlds from each other, but still we are happy that she is always keeping busy and finds all sorts of things to fill her time. Besides, these times she should spend on what she really wants as she truly deserves it.

The only thing we are worried about with regards to her well-being and her health, are her hips, which is under anterior hip precautions, because of a pre-existing condition brought about by an accident she suffered years ago. She was bumped on the side by a kid on a speeding bicycle on her way to the grocery. I have always felt guilty about her accident, because it was my cake the she was getting and it happened, of all the days, during my birthday. She had bumps and bruises all over because of her fall and had to be rushed to the hospital because of her inability to stand up on her own.

She was diagnosed with a partially torn Iliolumbar Ligament and had to be placed on hip supports for almost two months because of it. And although she is fully healed now, she still sometimes complains about hip flexor pain and rigidity on the area specially when the weather is cold, and has supplemental pain medicines for it.

Anyways, let’s leave all the worrying for later as I am about to call her again to see what she has been up to lately. She probably had given up on crocheting as she really doesn’t like detailed things, and she particularly said that it bores her to sleep doing it. Maybe I’ll invite her again to visit sometime soon, hopefully not only for a month or a year, but for good. How I wish she’d agree.

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