Being a tour guide in Norfolk, Virginia, I meet a lot of new people on a daily basis and often I get to talk to them a lot as the tour progresses and they ask me questions about the area. Many people have no idea what an amazing place Norfolk is and when they get a detailed tour with me, they are surprised at the amazing places you can find in the area. For me, it is a great and rewarding experience as I talk to my clients and often learn something useful. One of the life changing experiences for me was when I met this couple – Greg and Anna – who seemed to be in their late 30s and were enjoying every second of the trip. At one of the stops, they asked me to join them for a cup of coffee and we started talking. I was immediately surprised to find out that they were both in their early 50s. When they saw my surprise, they laughed and said it was all because their diet primarily consisted of low carb vegetables and low carb fruits. Like everyone else, I had heard of the benefits of eating a healthy diet but when I saw their fitness level I was surprised. Not only did Greg and Anna look young, they were also agile and fit and it seemed like nothing was tiring for them.

Once I got home, I started my laptop and started researching the internet for low carb vegetables and low carb fruits. As you probably already know, all fruits and vegetables have low carbohydrate content and are thus ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, etc. are ideal for weight loss and for staying fit. From that moment onwards, I promised myself that I would stick to eating as many vegetables and fruits as I could and completely cut out junk food from my life. I started taking my lunch along with me, which was mostly vegetable or fruit salad. Fizzy drinks and colas also cause a lot of weight gain so I decided to cut those out completely as well. I substituted fizzy drinks with healthy, homemade fruit juices which helped me curb my appetite as well. Within a month, I noticed that my clothes no longer fit so snugly against my body and I felt I could move around much freely. I started losing weight, I looked better and I certainly felt a lot fitter than before. This gave me a lot of encouragement and I started taking my vegetables and fruits seriously and also convinced my friends to try this method.

It has been 2 years since I met Greg and Anna and I have gained a lot from this meeting. Last month, they came back to Norfolk with some of their friends and took the tour again. They hardly recognized me and were surprised when I walked up to them. When I told them about my shifting to a diet consisting of low carb vegetables and low carb fruits, they were delighted and encouraged me to keep following it all my life. Needless to say, I plan to do exactly that!


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