Pregnancy is not always as sure a thing as we all come to believe. The joining of man and woman in intercourse do not always typically end in pregnancy, even if it was the primary aim of the activity in the first place. Many factors need to be present and all variables must coincide with each other for pregnancy to occur, but even then it might still be unsure.

On the other hand, pregnancies sometimes happen unexpectedly to some people. Oftentimes they do not know they are pregnant, up until the time the baby is about to be delivered, to their great shock that is. Sometimes they do everything in their power to deny pregnancy, but to no avail. Pregnancy thus, is a very fickle thing.

But based on my experiences through the years, with family, friends and acquaintances, I have observed a set of important guidelines, wherein if one has all or most of it, then the probability of one being pregnant might be seen easily and correctly predicted. So what are these guidelines that I am talking about?

You missed your period

This is by far the most common thing among all pregnancies. If you happen to have missed your period for a month or two, although there are still many causes of missed periods, chances are very high that pregnancy is already on the way for you. You might wonder and ask yourself “how many weeks am I” during this stage, probably still not believing you are pregnant, and want to know when the deed actually happened. Well, there is this thing on the internet called the Implantation Calculator. In it you will enter such details as when was your last period, of how long it was, and other data, after which you will be shown a date that your implantation was supposed to have been done, and from then you might get a clearer idea on how and when it really happened.

You are experiencing morning sickness

This is yet another classic sign of pregnancy. These things usually happen during the early hours of the morning and not so much during the day. You might think of what may have caused it, but don’t really find out anything. You just felt nauseated all of a sudden and have the strong desire to vomit from out of nowhere, and whatever medications you take for it doesn’t seem to work at all. These things usually take place about a month into your pregnancy and you better be prepared for it.

You experience several changes in your body

I’m talking about food aversions, mood swings, frequent urination, swollen breasts, and fatigue amongst other things. These things are all tell-tale signs of pregnancy, wherein if you are experiencing most, if not all of them, then pregnancy really is in store for you.

But the one thing that beats them all in telling you, if you really are pregnant or not, is your belly. If your belly is gradually increasing in size, barring other illness or disease, then you are really pregnant without a doubt. Congratulations!

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