Getting a tattoo nowadays is a very easy procedure. With the seeming proliferation of tattoo shops in every city and all places imaginable, one only has to search a little bit and he will eventually locate one that is suitable to whatever taste he has. Tattoos today are already becoming a common occurrence, very unlike in the past where tattoos are only the domain of gangs, criminals and other anti-social members of the populace, today it is booming industry with many followers and is swiftly becoming as main-stream as cotton candy and popcorn.

Our place here in Norfolk is no different as we have our fair share of tattoo parlors, and not quite a few of them. So if you are having that kind of itch, or just interested on knowing how tattoos are made, or just probably want to see one being made in action, then I recommend visiting one of these established tattoo parlors here in our locality of Norfolk. Who knows, you might eventually want one for yourself.

Blue Horseshoe Tattoo

8204 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA, (757) 282-1615


Blue Horseshoe is an honest to goodness tattoo parlor that offers top class work in a homely environment. This place is very inviting and makes you feel very relaxed with their accommodating staff, and also boast of a very uniquely peaceful ambience that makes you say ooh the first time you go there. They practice very strict sterilization methods in addition to several top of the line tattoo machines that always ensure professional works every time. Blue Horseshoe Tattoo has a very large selection of design images to choose from, be it chest tattoos for men or side tattoos for girls, name it and chances are high that they have it in store. Finally the fun part, Blue Horseshoe Tattoo also offers laser tattoo removal that guarantees complete erasure of past tattoos within their estimated treatment period or your money back, now that’s a great deal.

Fuzion INK Tattoo Studio

729 Granby St, Norfolk, VA, (757) 226-9840
Fuzion’s tattoo studio is often mistaken as that of a doctor’s office, because of its very clean and sterile environment. With calming wall palette, comfortable couches, modern art installations and soothing lights, Fuzion INK Tattoo Studio is kind of a laid back yet very professional tattoo parlor. Various kinds of tattoos are made at this shop, and typically priced at the low end of the spectrum, but make no mistake about it, tattoos done here are of very high quality. Whether it is tribal, iconic, animal, human, cartoon, words or phrases, scenic or any other kind, you can always expect skillfully made tattoos at this shop. Fuzion’s also offer body piercings, if ever that is your cup of tea.


Other notable tattoo parlors in and around Norfolk are Ocean Mystique’s Ink Gallery and also All Out Tattoos to name a few, all of which boasts some kind of uniqueness that separates it from other tattoo parlors, which is definitely fun, but also makes it hard to really determine which is the best tattoo parlor for you. Maybe you should just trust your instincts and go to the one you think is best. I have included two shops that had the most positive feedbacks from friends that already went there, but still the final decision is yours. Good luck on having your tattoo.

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