breastfeedingWhen you are a young mother who has had her first child, there is a lot you need to learn and this process has to occur slowly over a period of time. Most mothers learn by experience but it is always nice to have someone who has done all this before and can give you useful tips on problems such as foods to avoid while breastfeeding and how to stop breastfeeding. There is no doubt about the fact that breastfeeding is the best option for anyone who wants to provide nutrition to her baby, but after 2 years of breastfeeding, you need to wean the baby. If you do not know how to stop breastfeeding, this can create quite a problem and the baby might refuse to take any other form of milk completely. The key is to make sure that you introduce a bottle and formula milk early on so that the baby is used to both breast milk and formula milk. The simplest thing to do is to simply start increasing the amount of formula or bottle milk and decrease breastfeeding gradually. If you stop breastfeeding your baby abruptly, it can make him irritable and cranky and he will refuse not only bottle milk but solid food as well. If you are not sure how to stop breastfeeding, you can always ask your friends or relatives who have done this before and will have more experience and know-how than you do. It is best to ask for help as trying to do everything on your own might not turn out to be advantageous.


Another thing a breastfeeding mother needs to know is what foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Many people say that you can eat whatever you want and it will not have any effects on your baby. This cannot be farther from the truth. What you eat will be transferred to your baby and will have its effects. For instance, if you eat gassy food, it will make your baby gassy and so on. So, among foods to avoid while breastfeeding, anything that causes gas and bloating is at the top of the list. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers should avoid food that gets them constipated as the baby will also get constipated in turn. Try to eat food items that make you feel good and relaxed as the same vibe will be carried to your baby. There is no list where you can find out about foods to avoid while breastfeeding, so you have to carefully examine how you react to different food items and then create your own list to make sure that you and the baby do not have any problems adapting to the food you eat.


The important thing to remember, as I keep telling my friends, is that breastfeeding and anything else related to motherhood is a continuous learning process. You should not feel guilty about anything and if you find something too difficult, always ask for help. You do not have to take everybody’s suggestions and act on them – but you can get all the advice you want and act on the tips that sound good to you.


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