It is general knowledge that pimples usually only occur during adolescence and the teen years, and naturally taper off after that and is almost non-existent during old age. The reason behind that is that during those particular times, raging hormones and abrupt bodily changes are very prevalent, which of course are also the driving forces for these pimples and other teenage things to come out in the open and broadcast to the world that yes, I am already coming of age and stuff. That is why I am currently in a quandary, that at my age, a recent bout of pimples on my back seems to have manifested itself contrary to its purported scheduling, which according to my estimate, should have already passed decades ago.

The supposed pimples on my back are of the guerilla variety, wherein they are not really out in the open and instead they are pimples under the skin. They just stay there like painful bumps beneath the skin and they do really hurt, that even the slightest touch of anything, even my dress, would drive me a little bit crazy. Maybe it is better with the pain, as it may mean the early ripening of the bugger, and just maybe it will rear its ugly head by then so I can treat them somehow.

It gets worse when I sleep, as I need to be particularly careful not to lie on them, eventually making me invent new sleeping positions never yet discovered by modern science. It also is very hard to treat them with their choice position near the area between my shoulder blades. I’m beginning to think that they are sentient life forms knowing where to safely place themselves to avoid treatment. But I also don’t want to just scratch in there randomly, as I am won’t to do in the past, as I have already learned my lesson with regards to popping pimples.

I used to always pop pimples when I was young as they were sort of very addicting to do. Once a pimple’s head surfaces, I never wasted time in popping it with varying results. Sometimes blood oozes out and sometimes icky yellow stuff, but still I kept doing it. It all stopped one time I popped a relatively mean looking pimple, it was kind of hard and I thought it was already ripe when it actually wasn’t. What resulted was a skin tear on my left cheek so grossly looking that I didn’t go out for three weeks because of it. I still carry that scar today and you can clearly see it on my profile pic. Anyway, I eventually learned how not to deal with them because of that episode and if a pimple were to appear after that, I generally just leave them alone for fear of the consequences.

I hope these new ones at my back will just go away on their own as I am at a loss on how to handle them. But I wish it would be sometime soon as it is very hard having them. A friend told me that hot compresses works wonders on them, maybe I’ll try that.

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