There is nothing much worse than an aching tooth, and nothing in this world would compare to the agony it brings to the one who is unlucky enough to have it. Unfortunately, I am that person, as my tooth has been aching badly since yesterday. I do not really remember how I got this thing, but it started after I ate hard candy yesterday.

Ever since I was a child and as far back as I can remember, I have been in love with candies. Eating candies are a passion of mine as I like the taste of anything sweet, and from all the candies I eat, I particularly am fond of hard candies, especially the big round ones that comes in different colors. In fact I have a drawer full of them at home and is my go-to place when my sweet tooth beckons.

I also inspected all of my teeth yesterday when it began to hurt, particularly on the area that I suspected is the cause of the pain. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and they all seem to be relatively clean and free from cavities. That got me a little worried, as that would mean that the pain is coming from somewhere inside one of my teeth, which also can mean that it will be very hard to treat. Procedures for these kinds of problems, according to a close friend of mine, usually involves either the installation of fillings, root canals, and may even lead to tooth extractions.

I wanted to immediately go to a dentist yesterday when the pain began, but I have a little problem with it that made me eventually not go. You see I’m deathly afraid of dentists, their wicked whirring drills and their metallic syringes. I think it would take two full tour buses to drag me into a dentist clinic, and it was that way since I was young. I still remembered crying all the time when my mother had me put up with tooth fillings and stuff, but I really don’t know why I’m afraid of them. Maybe it is the thought of somebody sticking a scary looking metal syringe inside your mouth and you not seeing, but feeling, what they are doing. Maybe it was the time the doctor injected anesthesia right into the middle of my tooth that scarred me for life. Maybe it was something else, but I really, really don’t want myself anywhere near dentists.

Maybe what I am feeling is eventually gum pain and not tooth pain, and was most probably caused by me biting hard on the candy, which unfortunately resulted in my tooth being pushed hard against the gum that caused it. Maybe it will be gone on its own if I just ignored it. I can’t really think straight as my head is throbbing from the pain. It’s already on its second day now and even the Tylenol that I took for tooth pain relief never seems to have worked.

I know I really must go to a dentist if I ever wanted this pain to stop. So I need to choose between my pain and my fear, which is a very hard choice if you asked me, as it is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. If it continues to hurt until tonight, maybe tomorrow I will finally go visit a dentist and get this over with.

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